Aleister Crowley, Austin Osman Spare, Kenneth Grant
Austin Osman Spare

"There is a Grimoire of symbology, of vague phonic nuances that conjoins all thoughts and is the cryptic language of the subconscious world."

"I believe what I will, and will what I want"   is the metaphysical basis of Spare's Zos-Kia Cultus.  More than an artist that sketched of unearthly delights; Austin Spare evolved a system for sigillizing desire and belief, and sending it into the void (which contains all strength).  When properly achieved the sigil is imbued with the power of the desire and reifies its secret purpose.  The belief as flesh is now.

"Sigils are the art of believing, my invention for making belief organic, ergo, true belief."  The means to fulfill the heart's desire.   Details on the construction of sigils, and to dispatch them into the void of the subconscious to do your bidding, is given in greater detail in the Sigils area of Simon Iff.

Austin Spare died in London on May 15, 1956 at he age of 70. The greatest magickian par excellence, who could do or be whatever he believed — chose nothing, and spent his latter years alone with his canvas and his beloved cats.  "There is only one diversion for misery and that is intoxication."

Spare bequeathed all of his manuscripts to Kenneth Grant.  As his literary executor, Grant has presented Spare's work with dignity and metaphysical respect.   "Dreams shall flesh ...some day." AOS

AOS : Formula of Atavistic Resurgence : Unseal The Cells Of Cosmic Memory



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