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Formulation of The Desire
Precisely write out the intent / desire for the sigil.  Be careful, specific, and selective.  Cosmic forces can have a twisted sense of humour.

Example: I DESIRE THE LOVE OF A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN   (not the best example :)

Construction of The Sigil
Use uppercase letters in the formulation of the sigil.  Remove all letters that are repeated. Leaving only one character from each of the used alphabets.

Example: I D S R E T H L O V F A B U W M N

From the remainig elements create a sigil.  Use each letter incorporating the lines, curves and nuances.  Refine it.  Create it with concentration.  But do not spend too much time consciously working on it.  The resulting sigil should be one that you find appealling both on aesthetic and astral levels.  Simple is always good.  (it's also easier to visualize)

Examples based on the above:   Sigils

Charging of The Sigil
Activating or energizing of the sigil must occur at a special time — when a gateway to the subconscious is open. The "magickal time" is any moment when the whole of the being is convulsed by emotional or elemental forces (vacuity).  Such as during sexual orgasm, physical fatique, boredom, euphoria, and any other altered state.  At such a moment concentrate on the sigil, and visualize it as glowing brighter and brighter, and then shooting off into the void of deep space.  Crucial: Do not think of the intent or desire of the sigil at this time.  It is best to have forgotten why you even constructed the sigil.   (see below)

Relinquish It
The sigil must be banished along with its intent.  It must be completely forgotten — the sentence, the intent, and the glyph.  The faster you forget about it the more effective the operation will be.  "Conscious desire is unattractive."  You did your part, now let the sigil do its. Move on to other things.  This requires a high degree of confidence in the sigilization process. Do not 'lust for result'.  Let it happen on its own — and then it will.  But if the desire recurs, do not dwell on it.

.'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'..'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'.

Austin Spare wrote: "All desire, whether for Pleasure, Knowledge or Power, that cannot find natural expression, can by Sigils and their formulae find fulfillment from the subconscious."

It must be stated that it is not in the sigil that the power resides, this is merely the vehicle of the desire, but in the intensity with which it is dispatched into the void at the 'magickal moment'.

.'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'..'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'. .'.

Additional Notes and Suggestions

Facilitate forgetfulness by constructing a number of sigils with different intentions.  Set the sigils aside.  In a few days or weeks charge them — now having consciously forgotten what they were for.  note: The subconscious will always remember the sigils intent.  Concecrate the sigil with the Elixir, if such is the rite.  Then physically destroy the sigils afterwards.

If working with a partner, draw the sigil on some part of their body.  At the moment of Gnosis, gaze at the glyph.

The artistic qualtiy of the sigil is irrelevant.  Draw it on paper, parchment, a small stone, cigarette paper, a piece of wood, etc.

Begin your desire with a positive statement, such as: I DESIRE or IT IS MY WILL TO, etc.

Use all the remaing letters of your desire for the sigil.  Theoritcally, they should all in some way be represented within the glyph.

Simplify the design: an "E" can be rediscovered as a M or W, for instance.

Pretty is not necessarily better.  A rough or even primitive look is Atavisticly seductive to the subconscious.  Trust your intuition.

Don't be too vague or too specific in your desire.  At least set a date for the reification. Example: I DESIRE THE LOVE OF A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN BY THIS SUMMER  If success is not achieved by then, you can reformulate your desire and the sigil.

Place a border around the completed sigil.  The sigil will be enhanced with the powers of a mandala or astral target, which has deep psychological significance to the unconscious.
Example: Sigil
Decorate the lines of the sigil with some triangles or circles for that magickal touch.

Most important is that you created the sigil by yourself.

More on these matters in the near future...

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